Pet Door Size Options

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Pet Doors Gold Coast uses the best quality, Australian made pet doors.

We supply pet doors in three sizes to suit all breeds of dogs and cats.

Call our friendly staff to discuss which size would work best for your Pet.

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Pet Doors Gold Coast supplies dog doors and cat doors in six different colours; black, white, stone beige, primrose, bronze and brown.

Colour matching pet doors to the existing door is important to us, we want to make sure every pet door we install looks the best it can be.



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Small pet doors are suitble for breed such as, pomeranian, chawawa, Jack russels, Toy Poodle, Toy Cavoodle, and cats 


Medium pet doors are suitlble for breeds such as, Cavoodle, moodle, Maltese, toy and mini Poodle, Shitsu and many others.


Pet Doors Gold Coast supplies large pet doors that are suituble for dogs such as Labradore, Shepereds, Golden retriever and Broder Collies.